Mysterious Eyes

15 Juil

To whom belong these American eyes that visit me every night while I am deeply sleeping (not to say ronfling)? NSA? Miss Nebraska 2012? An unofficial Bistroman Fan club?

At this step, all hopes are still allowed.

American visitor

Personal message to my unidentified visitors : if you are young, blonde, rich, clever, pretty and mad about me, please leave a trace. I will do my best to answer as soon as possible.



11 Réponses to “Mysterious Eyes”

  1. Polina 15 juillet 2014 à 10:22 #

    Mon Dieu ! Pamela ? 🙂


  2. ptb41 15 juillet 2014 à 13:44 #

    rich !
    Serais-tu vénal ?


  3. SpirituElle!Lui! 15 juillet 2014 à 14:47 #

    Ça doit être du gogole image vu les sublimes illustrations que tu utilises 😉 ( pardon pour mon pragmatisme!)…


  4. gauthiermylene 15 juillet 2014 à 15:21 #

    Wicked Witch of the West!


  5. Leodamgan 15 juillet 2014 à 19:11 #

    Je sais : Nicole Kidman!


  6. Biche 18 juillet 2014 à 09:45 #

    I think that I am the fair young lady whom you look for! My name is Samantha and I possess a ranch near Whitehill (at 2 hours with the pick_up ) in Montana (USA). I can say that I am rich because I possess 10999 heads of cattle !

    I like France! French are so picturesque!

    I suggest you coming to stay in my ranch, all expenses paid, you and your family.
    One of my conveyors of cattle has just broken itself a leg; you could replace him..
    I hope that you know how to rise on horseback! If it is not the case, you will see, it is very easy!
    During this time your family will make some maintenance for the ranch (nail barriers, mark cows etc.)
    I also possess 2 dogs named Daltrey and Strummer as well as a green and red parrot gone bald named CocoGong.

    Here, the evenings are quiet and we shall sample herb teas in the lime tree on the terrace of my ranch. You will speak to me about France and I shall speak to you about this magnificent wild region named Montana.

    Saturday evening is the day out : I hope that you know how to drive a pick-up ? It will be necessary to drive during 2 hours.and we shall go to listen to some country music to Whitehill: you go to like it !!!
    I look forward to receiving you. I send you your plane tickets.
    See you soon

    I joins you a photo:


    • bistroman 23 juillet 2014 à 01:36 #

      Liar. I cannot see you on the picture !


      • Biche 23 juillet 2014 à 10:17 #

        It is I who takes the photo at the top of my horse ! 🙂


  7. ◘ẅ◘ 20 juillet 2014 à 00:22 #

    C’est sûrement WordPress qui te surveille…


  8. mojojoj1 20 juillet 2014 à 20:55 #

    C’est un gros redneck du Texas qui était bourré, et a cliqué par erreur sur le blog.


  9. lazulys 21 juillet 2014 à 17:54 #

    Ô maille gaude !


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